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                   Hungarian  radios


One theme that passionate me in recent years are  the old Hungarian’s radios. Particularly I’m interested in People’s Radios,  Hungary language called "Néprádió" (radio of the people).

In Hungary, there was many radio’s factories : Orion, Terta, Eka, Standard, Philips, Telefunken, Siemens and others.

Unfortunately during the Second World War almost all these factories were seriously damaged and some of them did not survived while others retarded start again their activities. The Orion was the only one that, having suffered little damage, retained a certain continuity of production even in the immediate post-war period.

After the Second War, from 1954, the factory Vadásztöltény began to produce radio with Videoton brand.


I’m very grateful to Mr. Selyem Tóth Sándor, who helped me to recover the information and the pictures about the old Hungarian radio factories.


                      ORION history


                 Philips & RAVA hystory 


                                   TERTA ( Telefongyár ) hystory


                  VIDEOTON hystory



           Hungarian People's Radio hystory                                                                                                       


                                        My collection :



   Orion 011                                    


   Orion 115A                                 


   Orion 115 B                                


   Orion 115U                                 


   Orion 130A                                 


   Orion 227A                                


   Orion 228A                                


   Orion 228A                                


   Orion 309                                  


   Orion 313                                   


   Orion 313 (with selenium rectifier)                 


   Orion 323                                   


   Orion 331                                   


     Orion 420A                                 


   Orion 520A                                 


   Orion AR 306                              


     Philips 309                                 


     Philips 313                                 


   RAVA 313 ( Rádió Vállalat )      


   RAVA 313 (wood case)                   


   Terta T325                                  

    Terta T331                                   

    Videoton R545 (clock version)                     

    Videoton R 646B Velence           

    Videoton R 846 Diadal                      

   Videoton R 856 F Diadal            

   Videoton R 946 FI                       

   Videoton F 946 FA                      















TERTA (Telefongyár)