Orion 011

                        Horthy nepradio

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Frequency range

Medium Waves (200 – 850 m).


VCL11 – VY2

Power supply

105 / 125 / 150 / 220 V. a.c.

110 / 220 V. a.c. / d.c. (for “U” version)

Measure of the case

24,5 cm wide; 25,5 cm tall; 13 cm deep.

Overall dimensions

24,5 cm wide; 25,5 cm tall; 13,5 cm deep.


Kg. 1,9



This radio is the first model of people’s Hungarian radio.
The Hungarian’s politics, at that time aligned with Italy and Germany, led to the production of this small radio that was later called "Horthy Néprádió" in relation to the leader Horthy Miklós.
The Horthy néprádió, conceptually and as size, is very similar to German DKE38 but the difference is that it can receive only the medium waves.

The Bakelite case of this Néprádió, has dimensions similar to those of popular German model but is more decorated and, on the top, has the Hungary’s emblem.

The left knob operates the input coils coupling, the right knob operates the reaction variable capacitor. The graduated wheel, located to the centre, is directly connected to the tuning variable capacitor shaft. In the rear of the radio there is lever power switch.
This radio model was manufactured by: Orion, Telefunken, Philips and Standard.
Basically there are two versions, aesthetically identical, which differ only for the power supply system.
The most common is the "V" type, “Váltóáramra” (current exchange rate), this type has an autotransformer which can work with four different alternate voltages: 105 / 125 / 150 / 220 V.
The other version is the "U" type, “univerzális” (universal), in which the mains supply  is directly connected to the circuit of the radio and can operate at 110 / 220 V. AC or DC.


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Antenna coupling coils