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In 1954 the Vadásztöltény of Székesfehérvár, industry already known for forty years for the construction of precision mechanical parts, began to produce radios and the first model was the R 545 which was built in 100,000 pieces.
The following year the company was renamed Videoton.

Almost immediately the production of radios was enlarged and in 1960 began a technical and commercial collaboration with Tesla (Czechoslovakia) and Rubin (Russian) focused on the manufacturing of TVs and TVs color.
The activities of the company in the radio and electronic areas had  an incredible development and evolution.

In 1972 Videoton began also to produce computers and the first model was called R10.

R10 was produced until 1978 in the amount of 750 pieces.
Then other computers were produced.

In 1979 the company had 3500 workers  employed, including 1500 engineers and technicians. In this period, the Videoton also worked together with Japanese Akai.

The political “change of system” and privatization brought Videoton to further expansion and acquisition of other Hungarian and foreign (in Kaposvar, Jaszbereny, Törokszentmiklos, Kunhegyes and Salgótarján) industries.
From 1994 to 2000 there was a collaboration with IBM for the production of hard disks, which were manufactured in Székesfehérvár and Veszprém factories.
In 2000 the group had 17000 workers, employed in information and assembly / production of electronic components for high technology.
Today, in this area, Videoton is one of the thirty important worldwide companies.






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