Videoton R 646B  Velence

Videoton R 646 B

Videoton 646 B

Videoton 646B

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R 646B Velence




1957 / 58 ?

Frequency range

Medium Waves (187 576 m), Short Waves (19 50 m).


1R5T 1T4T 1S5T - 3V4

Intermediate frequency

450 Kc

Power supply

Filament voltage 1,5 V c.c. Anodic voltage 90 V c.c.

Measure of the case

38 cm wide; 25 cm tall; 19 cm deep.

Overall dimensions

38 cm wide; 26 cm tall; 19 cm deep.


Kg. 5


Videoton R  Velence model was manufactured in many different versions, this type can work only with batteries and it was produced for the users who did not have available the supply mains.
The power supply is provided with two separate batteries, one of 1.5 volts for the filaments of the valves and the other one of 90 V. for the anodic voltage.
The tubes used are the 1,5 V miniature series.

This set has been found in its original box.