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ORION brand, born in 1913, appeared for the first time in 1925 on the Wolframlampagyar tubes (the Hungarian radio tubes factory).

The manufacture of radio began in 1925 but the production on large scale was launched around 1930; at that time a lot of sets were exported with  TUNGSRAM brand.
Subsequently the Orion became one of the most important companies producing radios and TV in Hungary.

In 1964 the entire radio production was transferred into the Videoton factory in Székesfehérvár (Hungary) allowing Orion a greater development in other areas more technologically advanced.

In the 70 ‘s the Company was dedicated to TV and audio equipments manufacturing, at the same time it was dedicated to the production of sophisticated microwave telecommunications systems which were exported in Europe and in USSR.

In the 80’s and 90’s the company could keep, with good results, the fast step of the development in the technological area of TV, DVD players/recorders, monitors LCD/plasma,  HI-FI systems and white goods.

The production in this area is still active, moreover Orion also manufactures PCB assemblies and cable harnesses for various reputed companies in the automotive and industrial sector.

Since 1997 the company is owned and managed by the Thakral Group of Singapore.










Orion Budapest 1988