Orion 228A
Orion 228 A
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Frequency range

Medium Waves (195 – 590 m), Short Waves (16 – 50 m).


UCH21 – UCH21 – UBL21 – UY1N

Intermediate frequency

473,6 Kc

Power supply

110 / 220 V. a.c.

Measure of the case

39,5 cm wide; 28,5 cm tall; 20 cm deep.

Overall dimensions

39,5 cm wide; 28,5 cm tall; 22 cm deep.


Kg. 5


This radio is part of a wide range of Népszupér (People's super) models that were manufactured in Hungary in the  '50 and '60 years.

The Orion 228A model was made in some different shapes, all with the same chassis but with different cases.

This set can receive two bands: medium waves and short waves.

The left knob operates the power switch / volume control and the right knob has two functions simultaneous: tuning and the band switch; the rotation drives the tuning dial pointer and the axial movement activates a switch that lets you choose between medium waves and short waves. By pulling the knob toward oneself is selected the short waves.

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