RAVA 313 (wood case)

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RAVA  (Rádió Vállalat) (ex Philips)


313 (wood case)





Frequency range

Medium Waves, only two fixed frequency (Kossuth e Petőfi).


UCH21 – UF21 – UBL21 – UY22

Intermediate frequency

473,6 Kc

Power supply

110 / 220 V. a.c.

Measure of the case

30 cm wide; 24 cm tall; 16,5 cm deep.

Overall dimensions

30 cm wide; 25 cm tall; 18 cm deep.


Kg. 4,1


313 is one of the many versions of "Néprádió" (People's Radio) manufactured in Hungary in the'50s.

This model is conceptually similar to Orion 115A with some little circuit differences.

The main feature of this unit is its extreme simplicity.

Most of the 313 have the aluminium case while this set has the wood case.

This radio hasn’t the dial, the tunnig is fixed and  is possible to chose between only two national station: Kossuth e Petőfi.

The power switch and the volume control are operated by the right knob, the left knob operates the rotating switch for the tuning and has three positions: 0 (silent) - K (Kossuth) - P (Petőfi). The central knob operates the fine-tuning.

At that time the selling price of the radio was 380 HUF.