Orion 115 B 
Orion 115B
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115 B





Frequency range

Medium Waves, only two fixed frequency (Kossuth & Petőfi).


1R5T – 1T4T – 1S5T – 3V4

Intermediate frequency 473,6 Kc

Power supply

1,5 V d.c. (filaments)  &  90 V d.c. (anodic)

Measure of the case

30 cm wide; 24 cm tall; 16,5 cm deep.

Overall dimensions

30 cm wide; 25 cm tall; 18 cm deep.


Kg. 3,3


This Néprádió” (People’s Radio) model is similar to the 115A model, the features and the controls are same but it can work only with batteries and it was produced for the users who did not have available the supply mains.
The power supply is provided with two separate batteries, one of 1.5 volts for the filaments of the valves and the other one of 90 V. for the anodic voltage.
The tubes used are the 1,5 V miniature series.

This radio has an interesting function: it’s possible to choose between having a low energy consumption with a reduced audio power or having a greater audio power but with a higher consumption and less battery life.

The low frequency final tube is a pentode which has the filament divided into two equal parts.

In the rear side of the radio there is a lever switch (takarék / teljes) which lets you chose between to supply only a section of the tube’s filament to have a most long batteries life or supply both sections of the filament and have a greater power of sound. 

The controls are same at that of the 115A model.

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