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Telefongyár (phones factory) began producing radios in 1917/1918 and the sets were for military use only. The radio manufacturing for non-military purpose began in 1923 and, at that time, were branded Tungsram. The radio products from '23 until the mid-30’s were built under Telefunken licence.

In 1950 Telefongyár restarted product telecommunication material for military purpose.  At the same time, a lot of radios for civilian use were made which were branded TERTA.

In 1964 the entire radio production was transferred into the Videoton factory in Székesfehérvár (Hungary) allowing Telefongyár a greater development in other areas most technologically advanced.

In the following years Telefongyár dedicated to the production of remote data transmission / remote data processing systems.

In 1992, after the “change of system”, the company was privatized by Siemens Hungary.



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Telefongyár 1913



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