TV Philips TX 1420


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 Philips 14TX100 :











TX 1420 U-38


Holland (Eindhoven)



Frequency range


Cathode-ray tube

Philips MW 36/44


14 ď / 36 cm diagonal

Power supply

220 V. a.c. (160 W)

Measure of the case

56 cm wide; 42 cm tall; 42 cm deep.

Overall dimensions

56 cm wide; 42 cm tall; 46 cm deep.



 TX1420 is part of a range of TV sets models that were manufactured by Philips  

 (Holland) in the  '50 years in various versions, some of them were dedicated to the   

 internal area (the Netherlands), others were made for export (Italy, Brazil and 

 other  countries).

 Philips TX1420 is one of the first TV sets marketed in Italy in the early Ď50s.

 This TV, at that time, was one of the first sets installed in my town.

 The receiving system is 625 lines, negative modulation / 7 Mhz bandwidth, with FM  


 I purchased this set in the Ď80s when it wasnít used any more, it was repaired with  

 the help of my friend Pirazzini Gianni and now it is still in working conditions.


 With the help of Dutch TV-collector Mr. Piet H. Bakker, I found some information  

 and photos about 14TX100 and 14TX113 models.

 The most interesting feature of this sets is the switchable receiving system.

 At that time, this technical choice was because in Belgium were used 4 TV systems,  

 2 for Belgium itself  and 2 for the reception of Holland, Germany and France.

 Looking at the Philips 14TX100 and 14TX113 pictures, you can see, in the central  

 location between the controls, a fifth four positions in drop shape Knob (which there  

 isnít in the TX1420 set); this knob operates a rotating switch that lets you choose  

 between four different receiving systems:


 1 system : 625 lines, negative modulation, FM sound (Holland) CCIR

 2 system : 625 lines, positive modulation, AM sound (Belgium Flanders)

 3 system : 819 lines, positive modulation / 7 Mhz bandwidth, AM sound (Belgium  


 4 system : 819 lines, positive modulation / 14 Mhz bandwidth, AM sound (France)


 Iím very grateful to Mr. Piet H. Bakker, who helped me to recover  

 information and pictures about these fascinating old Philips TV.















Philips 14TX113 :