TV / Radio DUMONT RA103 D 5


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Frequency range

VHF TV - FM radio

Cathode ray tube

12QP4 / DUMONT B1034 (12 inch)

Screen size

28 cm diagonale 

Power supply

110 V. c.a.

Measure of the body

66 cm wide;  100 cm tall; 50 cm deep.

Overall dimensions

68,5 cm wide;  100 cm tall; 52 cm deep.


Kg. 60 ?


6AL7 GT (tuning indicator)

6X4 (rectifier)

6J6  (RF amplifier)

6X4 (rectifier)

6V6 GT (sound amplifier)

6K6 GT (oscillator)

6AK5 (mixer)

6SJ7 (sound amplifier)

6AG5 (1st. video I.F.)

6AU6 (1st. sound I.F.)

6AB4 (VHF oscillator)

6AU6 (2nd. sound I.F.)

6AG5 (2nd. video I.F.)

6AL5 (sound detector)

5U4 G (rectifier)

6SN7 (vert. buffer - vert. syn generator)

6AL5 (relay tube)

6SN7 (vertical deflection amp.)

5U4 G (rectifier)

6SJ7 or 6SJ7 GT (sync. clipper)

6AG5 (3rd. video I.F.)

6SN7 (sync. clipper - hor. syn generator)

6AG7 (video amplifier)

5V4 (hor. dumping)

6AC7 (reactance tube)

6BG6 ? (hor. deflection amp.)

6AL5 (video detector - d.c. restorer sync. take off)

1B3 GT (H.voltage rectifier)

6AL5 (sync. descriminator)

12QP4 (Cathode ray tube)


Superb wood case, excellent electronic circuit and the Mallory so-called “spiral tuner” make of this radio / TV set a no common receiver.

Dumont RA 103 was manufactured in various versions, this console TV has a generous 10-inch speaker which gives to the set a wonderful sound.

As you can see in the video linked to the picture in the top left of the page, the set plays very well, was sufficient to replace some condenser to make the set play and live as once.

Many thanks to Bill Liers that repaired it and made it play, furthermore he helped me in shipping and Customs problems, really is not easy to find a gentlemen as him.