Radiomarelli  MUSAGETE II         


                                    ( 30 type set )

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Frequency range

Medium Waves  ( 200 – 550 mt ).


24 _ 24 _ 24 _ 24 _ 27 _ 45 _ 45 _ 80

Power supply

220 V. a.c.

Measure of the body

66 cm wide; 65 cm tall; 35 cm deep.

Overall dimensions

66 cm wide; 96 cm tall; 35 cm deep.


Kg. 39


Musagete II, with its classic style, is one of the most successfully Radiomarelli models.

Is an eight tube radio and, at the age, was considered one of  most prestigious set.

The inside of the cabinet is divided into two separate areas: the upper zone contains the  radio frequency chassis, the lower zone contains the low frequency unit.
The low frequency unit chassis includes the amplifier, the power supply and the speaker.
 This radio works with direct amplification coupled cascade stage circuits and, this version, can receive the medium waves only.

Compared to the Musagete I, the RF stage has four (type 24) amplification tubes instead of three.

The low frequency amplifier is a push pull arrangement.

The upper knob is for the tuning, moreover by carrying the dial to the left limit side, you will set the radio to work in  “phonograph mode”.

The left knob operates the power switch while the right one is volume control.







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