Radiomarelli  Il Filomele         


                                  ( 34  type set )

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Chassis type






Frequency range

Medium Waves


51 _ 51 _ 24 _ 47 _ 80

Power supply

125 / 160 V. a.c.

Measure of the body

52 cm wide; 51 cm tall; 33 cm deep.

Overall dimensions

52 cm wide; 95,5 cm tall; 33 cm deep.


Filomele, in Radiomarelli age advertising named “jewel Radio-phonograph”, has an easy and refined style and is an unusual mode structured radio.

Controls and turntable are on the top side of the cabinet, protected by the cover.

The speaker is facing down and the sound comes out from the bottom of the radio.

This set has the medium waves only and works with direct amplification coupled cascade stage circuits.

The turntable, which works only 78 laps, has the pick-up with the interchangeable pin system, like a gramophone. The electric motor is a Paillard (Swiss made) while arm and pick- up was manufactured by Radiomarelli.

In an other radio like this, the variable capacitor is stand up assembled, please see at the picture in bottom of the page.

In Filomele, Radiomarelli used the mythical valves Arcturus with blue cobalt glass: 

551 _ 551 _ 124 _ PZ - 180








This picture comes from an other one Filomele.

The variable capacitor, in this case, is stand up assembled.