Radiomarelli IL CORIBANTE


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MW and LW version








Chassis type






Frequency range

Medium Waves


51 _ 51 _ 24 _ 47 _ 80

Power supply

125 / 160 V. a.c.

Measure of the case

39 cm wide; 23 cm tall; 20 cm deep.

Overall dimensions

40,5 cm wide; 23,5 cm tall; 22 cm deep.


Kg. 11,5 ( Kg.12,5 for the version with large transformer) 


Coribante, type 31 set, is one of the first models built on large scale completely by Radiomarelli in Milan.

This radio was designed on the basis of the American Bosch mod. 5, its production began in October 1931, and in 1932 was about 10.000 pieces.

Compared to the American Bosch version the Coribante has the wood case in a different shape, itís most decorated and is possible to open the top side. The chassis is very similar to the one of Bosch 5 but it was entirely made in the Radiomarelli factory in Milan.

This set has the medium waves only and works with direct amplification coupled cascade stage circuits.

Originally, for some time, the Radiomarelli used the mythical valves Arcturus with blue cobalt glass: 551, 551, 124, PZ, 180.

Exist a version, built in a few pieces, that can also receive the Long Waves. In the rear panel there is a rotating switch that lets you choose between medium wave and Long Waves (please look at the picture in the left side of the page).

The published set, instead, is a standard version.

Unfortunately in this radio is missing the original condenser case, to see an original case, please see at the Radiomarelli mod.5 page, the case is the same.