Radiomarelli  ARIONE         


                                (  type 20 set )

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Chassis type





1934 / 35

Frequency range

Long Waves (1000 1900 m.), Medium Waves (200 550 m.),

Short Waves (20 50 m.)


6A7 _ 78 _ 75 _ 41 _ 80

Intermediate frequency

456 KHz

Power supply

110 / 160 / 220 V. a.c.

Measure of the body

53 cm wide;  45,5 cm tall; 31 cm deep.

Overall dimensions

55 cm wide;  90 cm tall; 33 cm deep.




Arione its a five tubes superheterodyne set, it has a great sensitivity and, at the same time, a good selectivity.

Chassis and circuit of this radio, are same to the ones of Tamiri and  Nepente models.
The electric diagram is typical, its a successful project, these models work very well and can receive several stations on medium, long and short waves.
The four knob controls has the following functions (from left to right): power switch/volume control, silent switch/tone control, band rotating switch and tuning.

Between the  knobs, you can see a pointer tuning meter which works in series to the anodic circuit of the IF amplifier tube.



                To see the chassis pictures, please go to the Radiomarelli TAMIRI or    

                NEPENTE pages, all these chassis are same.