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Moscow Industrial Union "TEMP" SU







Frequency range

MW (525 – 1605 KHz) (571,4 – 187,4 m),

LW (150 - 408 KHz) (2000 – 735 m).


7 (germanium): 1 x MP 402 - 2 x MP422 - 4 x MP40

Power supply

9 V.  with rechargeable battery

Measure of the case

15 cm wide;  8,8 cm tall; 3,2 cm deep.

Overall dimensions (leather case included)

17 cm wide;  10 cm tall; 4 cm deep.

Weight (w/out batt.)

0,510 Kg (leather case included)


This is the first model of a series of SOKOL sets products in Soviet Union since the '60s.
It’s a two band receiver, in medium and long waves, and the tuning dial is glass made.

On the right side of the radio there is tuning knob, power switch / volume knob and the aerial socket.

On the left side there is jack for the headphone.

In the rear of the radio there is the band sliding switch and a special plug for the battery charger.
The radio is powered by a 9 V rechargeable battery (included in the set) and the charger works with an adapter transformer 220 / 9 V. plus two rectifier diodes.

The radio, of course, can work even with a normal battery 9V (not-rechargeable).

In this SOKOL model, the trade mark is shown only on the box, not on the radio.









                         Various color versions :