SOKOL - 403

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Moscow Industrial Union "TEMP" SU






from 1972

Frequency range

MW (525 1605 KHz) (571,4 186,9 m),

LW (150 - 408 KHz) (2000 735,3 m).


7 (germanium): 1 x MP 422 - 2 x MP401 - 4 x MP40

Power supply

9 V.  with rechargeable battery

Measure of the case

l15,3 cm wide;  9,2 cm tall; 4 cm deep.

Overall dimensions (leather case included)

17,3 cm wide;  9,5 cm tall; 5,3 cm deep.

Weight (w/out batt.)

0,530 Kg (leather case included)


403 is the second model of the SOKOL series.
It does not differ much from the first model.

It changes slightly aesthetics and the aerial socket is located in the rear side of the radio.
This model has the tuning dial glass made too and it is powered by a 9 V. rechargeable battery.

Some of this sets have the same adapter of the oldest SOKOL, others have a most simple adapter, which work with a resistor / capacitor voltage reducer.
In this SOKOL model, the trade mark is shown only on the box, not on the radio.

Looking at the photos we can see the images of two identical radios, one marketed by TENTO, the other one by MПИ (MPI).