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Moscow Industrial Union "TEMP" SU






from 1976 

Frequency range

MW (525 – 1605 KHz) (571,4 – 186,9 m), SW (5,9 - 9,8 MHz) (50,8 – 30,6 m),

FM / VHF (65,8 – 73,9 MHz) or (87,5 – 108 MHz)*


* = depending of the order specification


9 (germanium); 1 (silicon); 2 integrated circuits

Power supply

9 V.  with  six batteries 1,5 V - C (R14) type

Measure of the case

24 cm wide; 14 cm tall; 6 cm deep.

Overall dimensions

25,5 cm wide;  18,5 cm tall ; 7,5 cm deep.

Weight (w/out batt.)

1,180 Kg


SOKOL 308 is a superheterodyne which can work in Medium Waves, short waves and FM band.

The receiver has a combined IF circuit for the AM and FM sections. MW and FM reception is through an inbuilt ferrite-rid antenna, SW reception through a telescopic antenna.

The FM section of the set has a switchable circuit which automatically controls the LO frequency (AFC) . The AFC on-off switch as well as the tone switch are structurally combined with the band selectors to form a push-button assembly consisting of five buttons.

On the front panel you can see, from bottom to top: a largest knob for the tuning, a smallest knob for the “fine tune” (only for the short waves)  and a third knob for the power switch / volume control.

The tuning dial has an extended field and is provided with movable tuning indicators which are used to mark the desired stations.

On the top of the body there are the band switch and tone buttons.

On the rear side you can see: a socket for the external antenna, external ground, a socket for external power source, a jack for headphones.

The central pin of the coaxial socket for the external power source has to be connected to the negative pole of 9 V c.c.

The telescopic antenna is articulated and, when extract, is 79 cm length.